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Large scaled hardwood guillotines for sale. big-002

This five foot tall working 1792 french revolutionary style guillotine constructed of oak, maple or any other hardwood, comes with a very dull half sharpened aluminum or steel blade.

It is similar to the other french style models with the following exceptions. It costs substantially more, is much larger, very heavy, more realistic and has more elaborate mechanics. It also makes much more noise when the blade slams home.

Price starts at $1200.00 for a 5 foot model and does not include shipping, any customizing or special handling charges. Added details and special hardwoods can bring this one up to $1500.00 or more. Remember, it weighs about 75 lbs. or a bit less than 37 kilos. Oak is heavier, and rosewoods, heavier still.

This is an absolutely beautiful, but deadly piece of furniture.