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This is my largest miniature guillotine creation, and commands any room. lfrs-001

Be careful with this one. It measures a whopping 36x24x7 inches, and if that does not seem large to you, it should! This model is fully constructed of douglas fir, with hardwoods available at significantly higher cost.

Includes a steel blade, and is very capable of harming a living thing. Therefore, we heavily advise against continuing the sharpening process on the blades. The steel one'll chop veggies already.

Another inovation is the inclusion of casters to guide the halyard(rope) through the head of the upright assembly. This should negate the need to ever change the aforementioned halyard due to wear.

Price is $375.00 and does not include customizing, shipping or extra handling. Alaska, Hawaii and International are extra

Need a victim? Buy a doll, cut off it's head, and reattach with small magnets. Then a quick conviction is all that's left.