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Economy 18" tall 1792 style guillotine.

This semi-working miniature french revolutionary style guillotine is constructed of douglas fir, comes with a steel blade. It looks exactly the same as the mfr-001 model, but is not quite as much fun to play with, since the table does not move. This model measures 30.5cm x 8.5 x 44cm tall.(12x3.25x18 inches, about the size of a small cpu.) and makes a stately centerpiece. It is similar to the other models with the following exceptions. It has no bucket and it does not possess the elaborate table mechanisms, but you can still pretend it does as you slide and tip the table by hand. Being larger in size than the small models, it makes much more noise and will bounce a bit when the blade slams home. The cost is $150.00USD and does not include any customizing or shipping charges.

Need a victim? Just go to the toy store, buy a doll, cut off its head and install small magnets to reattach the head. Then its a simple matter of a quick conviction and...