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Larger models can be built. 13" tall solid oak 1861 style guillotine.

From my finest line of historically correct "blade behind" models. These are much more authentic than any models previously offered. I still go all "unique" on each model, though. Some brass parts and details have been added for contrast. Measures app.8x13x6 inches, is fully articulated and has a steel blade. It is constructed of solid oak and all that implies.

Need a legally convicted victim? Go to the toy store, buy a doll, cut off its head and install small magnets to reattach the head. Then its a simple matter of a quick appeal process and...

Price: $400.00 and does not include shipping, any customizing, finishing or special handling charges. Alaska, Hawaii and International are not a problem.

Most buyers have theirs built differently and so a price will be worked out between us and a paypal invoice will be emailed to you.